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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the rd like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ]
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we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. can the u.s. crack down on cyber attacks and pay back china at the same time? >> political news here there is talk that the white house may fine china for recent cyber attacks on american companies. fines could total in the millions of dollars. we can use that money to pay back china this, is perfect. >> greta: that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. go to and tell us what you think about foreign aid. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. go to last night? >> i needed water. what am i going do, you know? >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg
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gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: another dramatic deadline looms for the nation and congress is again nowhere to be found. a wave of deep spending cuts are scheduled to take effect on march 1 that could cost hundreds and thousands of american jobs. lawmakers are on vacation until monday. now obama has been out selling his side of the fiscal fight on local television. >> the automatic spending cuts put in place in 2007 were designed to get congress to avoid them to come together with sensible approaches to debt reduction. >> andrea: john boehner called the current budget crisis one that the president, himself, created. >> this sequester was the president's idea. his party needs to follow through on their plans to replace them. >> andrea: this was the
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president's idea. carney the press secretary admitted as much to bret baier. the president in 2011 said he would veto any attempt to try to replace the cuts. now he is crying help, what do we do? kimberly, this sequester, i see it as two issues here. the political and policy. the policy being the actual cuts. $600 billion on defense scheduled to take place marm 1. political front, republicans sitting on their hands, they will let it happen it looks like. who loses. where does the fall-out hit if that happens? dims white house is hoping it will be more blame to republicans to in fact severely damage them going forward to 2016 and the different house and senate races, right? make them look like the party of no. the party that can't work together, can't come up with bipartisan support. that the democrats are trying to do something to fix the
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current situation. ultimately, i think those will take hit. it depends in the long-term who will be able to pull out of it a little bit. the republicans have to do something to try to come together to look a little better in this situation. i really think so. >> andrea: dana, you think republicans would have a stronger argument here, because according to the new fox opinion poll. 83% of miles per hours, tak mile a problem with spending in the country. >> dana: yet approval numbers for president obama continue to go up. he redefined teflon, this which is a great example. this is something he created. they're trying wolf as well as crying help. i think america has crisis fatigue as national review put it. we are now so conditioned -- like a frog boiling in water, you put it in there and over time you are comfortable. okay, yeah, i'm okay.
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turn up the heat. do the cuts. i am the same. when this first started bob said wait until the sequester happens this will be a big deal. over time, i have come to think it would be a big deal. if they want to, the congress can come together and fix it in the appropriations crisis. in terms of crisis fatigue, i had a great point that i wanted to make and greg helped me make it. congress is like a tv show that goes on one season too long. everybody loses interest and starts changing the channel. >> andrea: about that crisis fatigue, they amp up the crisis all the time. this looks like 2% of the federal bloated budget. higher spending than we saw in 2008ment why is everyone screaming about this? >> greg: this is not a big deal. i was sequestered once in mexico. i had tequila and put on bandages. i was fine. you did a great job with the story because it is the worst
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story ever because it happens over and over again. we know exactly how it will end. these are not, these are not politicians. these are college students. cramming for an all-night final. they knew when the deadline was months ago. but they partied. a the time. 'canes for three days with tiger woods. >> greg: then they get their pieces and they will be fine. barack obama says this is a meat cleaver approach the cuts. they're cuts in spending. we are talking about pennies on the dollar. he is comparing it to slaughtering a calf when it's clipping the nails of a hog. it's like watching two morbidly obese men fighting over whether to remove olive from meat lover's pizza. it doesn't matter. on this topic, i used that joke three months ago. >> dana: what difference does it make? >> kimberly: you have r such
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an environmentalists, recycling jokes. >> andrea: you made a point in your column in "usa today" today. excellent, we agree on. you said why don't they talk about entitlements? if republicans had strength on the argument, why sit on your hands. why not say you have driven us in a corper. how about instead of tax increases we reform entitlement? hand in hand. >> bob: budget control act the way it was passed in 2011, i'm sure you are interested in this, greg. you sat up for hours looking at it. they purposefully excepted social security, medicaid and most of medicare. when you get down to $1.3 trillion of cuts in ten years you are talking about real cuts. these are not unserious things here. we are talking about cutting back border control and fa by 600 slots. i don't know if you feel comfortable flying in that. these are sere you cuts. the rest of this will cause severe pain. >> dana: the it was cuts,
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isn't that the purpose of why he structured to deal? >> andrea: to embarrass republicans. use chuck hagel to do it and get the weakped military and weakped d.o.d.? >> bob: they have to transfer money around but take an aircraft carrier group off the mediterranean and that matters. there are things that are serious. >> andrea: that you don't approve of. >> bob: no. i thought when they came up with these things they would say hey, we can't live with it. they are not willing to do this. >> andrea: they had years to do something. >> greg: the point is they thought this never happen. boehner is right, it came from the white house. that should be the name of a horror film. "it came from the white house." obama is like the sibling that broke the base and pointing at his sister saying she did it. mom and dad believe him because the american public according to polls will side with the president because he's more popular. >> andrea: we are broke
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officially and obamacare won't help that. news today, florida governor rick scott, foe, fierce foe of obamacare and railed against taking medicaid money from the feds has now done a sharp aboutface. listen to what scott said recently. >> i cannot in good conscience deny floridian the needed access to healthcare. we will support a three-year expansion of the medicaid program under the new healthcare law. as long as the federal government meets their commitment to pay 100% of the cost in that time. >> andrea: yeah, but that is not what you said in 2011, governor scott. remember that? >> this will be devastating for patients and devastating for taxpayers and the biggest tax-killer ever. we are not going to expand medicaid and we'll do the right thing. not the exchange.
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this raises the cost of healthcare for all floridians. it doesn't work. >> andrea: why the change of heart? >> dana: like president obama ran on closing gitmo but he became program and realizes oh, wait, we need that. the governors on principle said we can't, this is not a good way to do business. then the situation in florida is such that he made a decision to go back on what he said two years ago to do this. this is the creep of federal government on the states. i am not saying they will all kay but the federal government is so powerful, we are eroding our -- >> bob: they will cave. the reality is the federal government said we would pay 100% of increase -- >> dana: but only for four or five years. not good enough. >> bob: obamacare is here to say, whether you like it or not. it's here to say. it those be worked out.
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rough essentials but it will be here. now the law of the land. it's not going away. >> greg: that is the problem. i don't understand obamacare but nobody understands it. it's incomprehensible. the left went with good faith that it's coherent and workable but the doctor saying this won't hurt a bit and you know where it's going and it is going to hurt. >> kimberly: they do trust him. in obama we trust. if he says it will be okay, it will be okay regardless it's not workable financially. how are you going to support it. once the money is there and bottom drops out -- >> dana: this is like a drug dealer. they start you off with a dime bag. i think that's what it's called. >> greg: wow! >> bob: "a dime bag." >> dana: i am making a good point. then it's an 8-ball and then crack in the alley. that's how the fors are. what will happen in five years when your drug dealer goes
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away? you find another dealer and it might the chinese. now i'm running out of metaphors. >> andrea: take the money now. why should their taxpayers sit there and not get the money when california is taking ithan? why should people in florida pay for medicaid for people in california? let's not forget, governor scott is a former hospital ce ceo. hops want it big-time. the reason to get obamacare is get providers paid. >> kimberly: ultimately the taxpayers put the bill for all of this. whether you pay it today you will pay it tomorrow. >> bob: everybody who has an insurance policy pays for the bulk of the 40 million people who don't have insurance. you can keep arguing all you want, you don't have an answer. >> greg: you don't have to. >> kimberly: the taxpayer and say the hospitals -- they want it to go through because they don't want to eat the cost of people walk in their emergency room. they would rather have the
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average owe citizen pay for it and is upment it because it's better for their bottom line. that is why the hospital ceos support it. >> andrea: a lot of employers are saying why should we support it? dutch out it in their exchange. the lie about if you like your doctor, you can keep them. >> bob: not a lot of them have been dumping people in exchanges. >> kimberly: the issue isn't right as we say. >> andrea: coming up, surprising twist in america's gun debate. one of the student survivors of columbine massacre is directly taking on president obama and thinks more people should be allowed to carry guns not less. his open letter to the president next up on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ anouncer ] ihop in time square to compare
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we need universal background checks. we can reduce gun violence if we strengthen the assault weapons ban.
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the vast majority of people with us know, they know we have to act. >> kimberly: vice president biden taking the obama administration gun control push to connecticut today. not far from sandy hook elementary school. a launch opponent of the proposals has emermed, survivor of the massacre at columbine. evan todd was up with of doesps shot on the attack on the high school. 11 students and up with teacher were murdered. he sent a open letter to president obama asking him to call off war on weapons. todd explained why op "fox news" earlier today. >> the initiative and a lot in washington and the lobbyists are trying to pass going to be more of a debtriment than a help. they are not protecting the kids. they're infringing op law abiding citizen from protecting themselves. they're really taking away from what really has happened. first we need to protect our
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children. >> kimberly: okay, so this is coming out strongly against the administration and what he calls the president's war on weapons. dana, from a communications per speculative, do you think this was effective coming from someone who is a survivor? >> dana: i think so. anybody who has experienced something personally adds to credibility of an argument. he has a point a lot of people share. i think that the administration to their credit, this is not something -- this issue is something they continued to pursue almost daily. they make some sort of news about it. whether it's news they intend to make or not like with the shotgun thing from president obamvicepresident biden. they will wear away the opposition. it might not be possible. someone like aaron who speaks from experience that can help people look at a different side of the issue. >> kimberly: do you think this is a good strategy?
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dana is right. they met any pushback with the equal force and then some. they are not allowing the issue die or go away and make a strongly committed enfrenched in terms of the viewpoint of getting it through. >> andrea: they backed off a little bit. bill clinton came out and said be careful, it could backfire. when they released the picture of the president shooting he was trying to tone down the rhetoric and pushback from the 32 executive orders. we are going to keep on this. we believe they are right. they are going to keep going. anytime something like aaron comes out -- >> kimberly: evan todd. >> andrea: there are more people coming out in the future telling their personal stories. if you look at the 32 executive orders that the president put out, evan is right. not up with of those things in the executive order would have stopped the killer. he said criminals and murders will always find a way. how do you protectish?
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put guards at the school. sandy hook decided to do it. let every school make that decision. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: with all due respect evan todd, he comes out against background checks. it would have stopped people who did columbine and it would have stop the kid that shot up university of virginia. >> kimberlyvirginia >> andrea: there was assault weapons been a during columbine. >> bob: the background check would have done something about that. >> kimberly: it would haven't helped sandy hook. >> bob: you can pick out different ones at different places. the criminals, lifetime criminals use gups to rob and steal and -- they are fruitcakes who get the guns, legitimate gun stores. no background checks. if they had a background check
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they would have been caught. >> greg: you know who enables the fruitcakes? we do. the media. if you look at the report of the sandy hook fiend, and there is reports that the guy was, you know, obsessed with the norway shooter. was interested in becoming immother tall. when you are a loser the way to become immortal is inflict damage and hurt people. you say mark david chapman. everyone knows that name and will be known as the killer of john lennon. we need to stop talking about that crap. when a tragedy like this occurs you report it, it's like a hurricane. you move on. you don't mention his name or mention anything. what happens is the more you talk about the people, the more the freaks come out and want to be immother tall. >> kimberly: kick before we go, i'll hit this mexico topic. mexico congress is formally asking the united states for
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the registry of all californians, arizonans, new mexico, texas gun owner. >> greg: it's a shock that mexico discovers a porous border that goes both way. half of texas should send the dallas phone bock and the houston phone book -- >> dana: let their finger do the walking. >> kimberly: that covers it. >> bob: to get back to this point. you don't want to make a big deal out of the people but you ought to put in effect -- if you don't want the clips or the fun ban, assault ban weapons you ought to want background checks. that is a minimum. >> greg: nobody wants crazy people with guns. i agreement. >> bob: if you do that you might catch a few in the process. >> andrea: i don't understand this about the administration. at the same time they are pushing for women on the front line, saying women use whatever weapon you want on the front line they don't trust women at home to choose their own guns. it doesn't make sense.
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hypocritical. >> bob: you're going to another story. >> kimberly: women should decide -- >> bob: what kind of gun do you carry? >> kimberly: watch out, bob. if anybody should be worried about it, you should be. the white house backing up biden doubling down on his comments saying he is right. you better off with a shotgun than automatic weapon. on one issue, ar-15 does go through walls but a shat gun can, too. coming up, a new smoking crackdown on roads nationwide thatvos people's right to light up in their own cars. dana has the controversy, that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: big zac brown fan, even if you want to make few of me. should people be banned with smoking in cars with kid or should big brother butt out? oregon senator found adults caught with lighting under a car with anyone under 18 inside -- connecticut lawmakers have a similar bill but younger children, like under age of 7. four states have a ban in place. arkansas, maine, california, louisiana. most people i think understand why you would want to protect kids from smoking in cars except for greg. >> greg: this talk of a been a is cops writing tickets and another undeclared tax. i love the smell of smoke in cars. i remember those long road trips. you know, as a kid.
11:30 pm
from san mato to disney land the smell of smoke and beer. aftershave. kidnappers were great. >> kimberly: this explains a lot. >> greg: this is the most important point you are going to hear. forget second hand smoke. worry about secondhand gas prices. every time your mom and dad has to go to the gas tank, that is less money for diapers and cheese. that is more harmful than >> bob: did you like smell of dope when you got older in the car? >> greg: we didn't -- second-hand smoke, this has been the most exaggerated -- >> bob: oh, my gosh. >> greg: you know it is. i read the studies. >> dana: we could get for you tree air fresheners the new car smoke smell for you. >> greg: parents smoking the smell on their clothing was comforting. >> dana: i don't like it. my mom used to have to ride in the car on their road trips in wyoming and her parents would
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roll up the windows and smoke the whole time. i don't like it. >> kimberly: i don't like it either. why can't you smoke before you get in -- in -- >> greg: you want the government telling you what you do in your car? >> kimberly: i don't think it's a good idea. a child doesn't have a choice to be stuck in a car filled with smoke and crippling their lungs, stunting their growth. >> greg: that is a myth. why do we traffic in myths? >> bob: i'm a smoker, but i would never ever smoke with my kids in my car. >> kimberly: thank you, bob. >> bob: my mom used to smoke and drive me crazy. >> kimberly: her mom will call you again. >> greg: you don't need the government to tell you this. >> bob: the evidence is overwhelming that secondhand smoke for a little kid hurts them. >> greg: it's not evidence. it's media exaggerations. >> bob: you put a kid in con fineed area with no air it won't hurt them? >> kimberly: would you smoke in a car with a child in there? >> greg: i have. fine, you are the winer.
11:32 pm
i am joking. when am i allowed with a kid in a car. >> dana: in new jersey you cannot roll down your window and have a dog's head out the window. that is illegal in new jersey. what do you think of this law? >> andrea: the dog law is insane. you don't want children to be hurt or harmed. i think people have been smoking in cars in kids for a long time. they aren't dying. >> greg: roll down a window. >> andrea: i agree with greg on this. if they ban smoking in cars? do they ban soda in the car? cigarettes are really bad and ban them altogether or legalize them and leave -- >> dana: there could be a solution. my second topic. >> kimberly: you smoke in some restaurants. >> bob: you smoked as a kid and that's why you didn't grow that much. >> greg: we said that. where were you? this is not about smoking.
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this is government invading in your life. they are bloated beast that won't stop growing until it takes over everything. now it's focusing op smoking what is next? pickles? >> bob: government doesn't protect little kids -- >> greg: we can protect the little kids. roll the window down and hang your cigarette out the window and you drive. >> andrea: i grew up and worked in the smoking section of the restaurant. do you know how much smoke was in the section? look at me. i'm okay. don't answer that. >> dana: there is one thing because we have been trying to do the topic for two days. electronic cigarettes are popular. a lot of people love them. this could be a solution for the in-car thing. it's vapor. the sales are going up. guess what that means? fda, the government, now they are working on -- this is from a fan, gave it to me to give to greg because she was going to try to help him get off
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cigarettes and said it would work. but in a car, it wouldn't bother him. puff of air. >> greg: they lump all smokers together but a lot of studies are done on heavy smoking. it's just like anything in moderation. i know i am going to get a ton of letters about this. >> bob: you should. >> greg: i'll apologize. >> bob: good. >> eric: judgment with their open kids. don't roll up the window. >> bob: nobody rolls up the windows when they're smoking. >> dana: how can an officer tell when you go down the highway at 60 miles per hour how can they tell if you are smoking with kids in the car anyway? >> greg: you go that fast in the big wheel? >> dana: that went right over my head. >> kimberly: you shouldn't smoking in the car. you're supposed to be driving. >> greg: what do you do in car? >> dana: she focuses. >> dana: this is a fascinating topic. coming up, you know what that is? there is a new study about
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parents letting their kids watch too much violence on tv. but greg thinks there is something else on the small screen. parents should be much more concerned about. stay tupeed for that. ♪ ♪
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my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: a new study suggests that a parent switch channels from violent shows to educationm one to improve a brat's behavior. they found the modest changes faded over time to which i add duh. it's not violence on tv that is harmful. it's the cliches there that kill. for the longest time i thought
11:41 pm
everyone who had an eye patch was evil. not true. just huppinggarians. tv tells us that tepees are always the smartest family members. that homeless folks are gentle types and never junkies. the doctor acting weird is adorable, not crazy. the geeky girl is secretly beautiful but the religious mom is cold and up feeling and disapproves of her african-american date. any hard-working dad is stupid and proven so by young glib with the answers. there could be a feminist grannies around to shock the righties with sexual innuendos you never heard. all old folks are progressive, idea that runs counter to reality it could have been filled op jupiter or madison, wisconsin. all teachers are heroically liberal and reporters always care about the earth. bizarrely, the straight as an arrow good looking guy is always least liked. which i know is false from personal experience. all short people are bullies.
11:42 pm
that part is true. see dana. bottom line, tv stereotypes are worse than fights that lead to idiocies in real-life. see the west wing and the current white house, which is why i only watch videos of kimberly sleeping and i urge you to do the same. >> kimberly: i sleep like a geisha. >> bob: what did you just say? i didn't follow it. are you all over the place? suggesting that television images do not hurt children? >> greg: tv cliches hurt people more than tv violence. >> bob: like to cliche -- >> greg: is there anything you see op tv that you see is a cliche that isn't true? >> bob: i don't watch tv. football. >> greg: he came to play. there is a cliche. >> dana: it's true about the dad. hardworking normal dad who leaves at 7:30 and comes home at 6:00, he's a square nerd that is probably conservative. >> bob: that is probably true. but study after study after
11:43 pm
study knows -- i know you don't think research is important. but the kids -- >> greg: i'm the one that reads the research. >> bob: a lot of kids who watch television under the age of six who watch average of four hours a day have problems when they get older. >> kimberly: bob, where are you getting this from? the beckel almanac. >> bob: it's from the research. you want to see it right here. >> greg: we were talking about watching like action tv shows and boring stuff like "sesame street." >> andrea: hours of tv probably isn't good either because then you are a loner an you're not socialized. a lot of murders tend to be. >> greg: chicken or egg thing. they tend to be alone watching tv because they tend to be alone. >> andrea: my stereotype, my favorite that you mention, pe pervy granny. on "2-1/2 men" and the reporters are dogged to get to the truth. it wish they were like that in real life. the hunk is always the dummy.
11:44 pm
like joey on "friends." and the neighbor is pervy like larry dallas op "three's company." i agree with dana, one of the most destructive things. to kids, it happens on disney. they always know the answers. the mom is alpha and the dad semass cuelated. that is dangerous when the kid grows up without a father figure or believing it's good to have -- >> bob: you think a kid that goes through cable channel and watch everything, maybe not -- >> kimberly: no one is saying that. >> bob: i'm saying that it is destructive to children. "sesame street" would be helpful. >> greg: let's ask somebody with a young child at home. what do you let ronin watch? >> kimberly: he loves "sponge bob" and "scooby-doo" but maybe we're not going to that show. that even scared me it was soed bah. what is wrong with "scooby-doo" the oldies and goodies like "tom & jerry."
11:45 pm
i don't have the road ruper on. >> bob: you don't let him watch "die hard"? >> kimberly: of course i don't do that. we watch disney channel. mickey mouse. little bear. >> bob: he sees horrible stuff on television. >> kimberly: why would anyone show 6-year-old "exorcist" or something? >> bob: they watch what they want to see. >> andrea: greg said that cultural themes are more destructive -- >> greg: i can't be responsible for your ignorance, bob. >> bob: that is a cliche. >> dana: you know what jasper watchs? >> bob: we don't care. >> greg: let me guess. >> dana: "wheel of fortune." he watches the wheel. >> kimberly: i would like to buy a vowel. >> greg: four letters. he goes woof. >> dana: what is your position op chickp or the egg?
11:46 pm
chickp or an egg person? >> greg: impossible question. >> kimberly: chicken. it's the chicken. >> bob: ridiculousness. >> kimberly: the chic chicken ld the egg. >> andrea: why all the prostitutes have a heart of gold? >> bob: most of them are pretty nice. >> greg: there you go. we got to take a break. mom, i hope you are not watching this. still to come, it's true, sipe prove that women talk more than men. bring out the stopwatch. next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: this is going to come as a huge surprise to you guys out there. according to a new study, scientific proof that women do in fact talk more than men.
11:51 pm
ladies have higher level of a language protein in their brain. it's not in their brains usually in their mouth. they speak 13,000 words more per day than men do. any of us who have been married before thans in a heartbeat. anybody that sits with these women, would know that. >> kimberly: you talk more than we do. >> andrea: you are the exception. >> bob: you don't think women talk more than men generally? >> andrea: it depends. i know gabby men. i talk a lot. even before i could talk mom said i was blah, blah, blah. nothing changed. you talk a lot. >> bob: get to the basic overall thing. do women talk more than men? right? >> dana: definitely. but we have more and better things to say. freddie or you say the -- >> greg: or you say the same thing over and over again. this is evolutionary adaptation. women have 50 p.c. more muscle mass and communicated
11:52 pm
thousands of years ago. it went through force and women had to communicate more effectively to survive so it makes them superior at conversation and communication. i have nothing to back this up on. i don't even know if my per sen tam of muscle mass is correct. democrat's why you speak -- >> kimberly: thank you. now we will talk. women are better in speech an language, they excel in test, academic scores, they favor the subject. men in certain instances are more dominant in math and sciences. i don't know what happened to bob beckel. >> bob: i know if a woman goes to a party, if you are with her. she picks up every piece of gossip and tells you everything that is going on with everybody at the party. what did you learn? i said i don't know, frank got a new wrench. >> dana: that is why i don't like to go to the movies. >> bob: you have to know everything. >> andrea: we're communicative. especially if there is a
11:53 pm
problem. >> bob: you're nosey. >> andrea: it's not. it's just -- >> bob: it's nosey. >> andrea: emotion. >> greg: why doesn't dan want to do to the movies? >> dana: because you can't press pause and say did you hear about the senator yesterday? or whatever the story may be. >> greg: the study are a strategy for nerdy-shut-in scientists to talk to women and get phone numbers. >> kimberly: girls learn to speak earlier that boys. they are developed feel for it. that is a fact, bob. >> bob: did you speak more than your three husbands? >> kimberly: again. you are bad at math, too. >> who team are you on? >> dana: i didn't mean that it way. >> kimberly: my first husband is politician. he talks a lot. >> dana: your first husband talks more than you.
11:54 pm
>> bob: in the bedroom? >> kimberly: what? bob, you are so weird. what is wrong with you. i don't believe in unnecessary conversation after 9:00 p.m. >> bob: i bet you don't. >> kimberly: on the radio show, are you out of words? >> andrea: ew! >> dana: when you finish a radio show after three hours do you run out of snowshowers >> andrea: i'm so disgusted with the sound of my own voice at 6:01, i have nothing left to say. no opinion on anything. so sick of talking on radio and tv all day. i don't say anything after 6:00. >> bob: greg, bail me out. >> greg: no, no, no. i love this. >> bob: you're afraid of your old lady. >> greg: you are the only man left referring to your wife as "old lady." >> andrea: we talk for a
11:55 pm
living. we're all talkers. can we agree on that? >> bob: we can agree on that. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: time for one more thing. >> kimberly: tyke to bang it out. michelle obama released her official portrait, the new one. the bangs that she has been sporting. that was the picture before. write us on twitter. which picture, which hairdo do you like best. what do you like? >> bob: she is a good looking babe. either up with. >> andrea: i like her with both looks. >> dana: i'm for it. >> kimberly: for what? >> dana: the bangs. >> greg: i am not participating in this nonsense. >> kimberly: well, you know what? there is always a weak link. anyway. okay. robert? >> bob: albert lexy shoe schiap guy in pittsburgh, used to go for the last 12 years in front of children's hospital charged $5 a shine. he collected $2000 in


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